There are a lot of folks who write better than I. The following are some articles which are available on the web.

Kenneth E. Bailey -

Christian Leadership in the New Testament

Informal Controlled Oral Tradition and the Synoptic Gospels

Douglas Banks (my cousin)

Divine Nepotism

Albert Borgmann

Holding Onto Reality (Introduction)

Does God Exist? 

Mark Chironna

The Unforced Rhythms of Grace

Sarah Coakley

Sacrifice Regained: Evolution, Cooperation and God (Gifford Lectures)

Sin and Desire in Analytic Theology: A Return to Genesis 3

Jean-Pierre de Caussade

There is no solid peace except in submission to the divine action

Ellen Davis - Duke Divinity

Perect Love

Ellen Davis unearths an agrarian view of the Bible

Richard Hays - Duke Divinity

The word of reconciiliation

Richard Hays’– Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels– a Dialogue

L. Gregory Jones - Duke Divinity

ADAPT: Discussing global challenges with Greg Jones, Duke University (PwC)

Spinning Sorrow: The Uses and Abuses of Forgiveness in the Public Sphere

John Paul Lederach

Truth Justice Mercy Peace

Jack Levison - SMU Perkins

The Summer of ’17: Jacob’s Ladder and Esau’s Tragedy

Life After a Shooting: The Metamorphosis of a College Campus

J. Richard Middleton

Does God Come to Bury Job or to Praise Him?

A  New Heaven and a New Earth: The Case for a Holistic Readingof the Biblical Story of Redemption

C.L. Moore

Identification with Christ

Carey Newman

Don't Miss the Party

Eugene Peterson

Truth, Justice, and the Jesus Way

Alan Torrance

Analytic Theology and the Reconciled Mind: The Significance of History

The future of theology lies with the body of Christ

Lauren Winner

Maundy Thursday: Lauren Winner on why prayer can jolt us into paying attention

The Eucharist, Perfection, and Damage

Paul N. Walker - Rector, Christ Episcopal, Charlottesville, Virginia

Jesus Comes Aboard the Ship of Fools

George Warnock

A Helpless Babe Exposed to the Wrath of Herod

Aaron's Rod That Budded

A Way Through the Wilderness

N.T. Wright - NTWright Page

A  Right Judgment in All Things

When the Spirit Comes

Apocalyptic and the Beauty of God

David Zahl

Another Week Ends (in Charlottesville)


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Aerial photos of the crime scene at New Life Church parking lot (nothing graphic)

The Works Memorial at New Life Church

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