Identification With Christ

(Prophecy by C.L. Moore: Friday, October 10, 1980, Elko, British Columbia)

"Even what thou hast He has provided; but better things than thou walkest in this night, He has for thee. This speaks not of ministries, nor of gifts, though these be necessary to bring to pass the thing that He has ordained for thee.

But He bringeth thee forth to reveal the life and the nature and the character of the Lord of hosts within thee, that thou mayest be a revelation of the Christ that lives and reigns within thee.

For truly He moves in a new realm in this day; yet many run after gifts and after ministries and exult in these. Yea they shall be as the children of Israel in the days of old, who did eat of the table of the Lord and then rose up to play; for they shall not see the objectives and the ordinance tht God has provided for this day. Understand this my children: IT IS BETTER TO BE THE SON THAN DO THE WORKS OF THE SON. For surely there have been servants that have done the works; and surely servants have ministered; and servants had have gifts. But the Son is the express image of the Father, and the Son reveals the glory of the Father.

Understand this! Thou art being identified with me, said the Lord; and in this identification thou shalt lose thyself, and humble thyself, and bend the knee. But I shall be lifted up, and I shall be magnified, and the life of my very being shall encompass thee; and in maturity many sons shall come together..even a s a corporate expression of the Divine life of the eternal God. And creation shall behold the salvation of their God."