I like reading and sharing stories.  I share some on this website.

I grew up in Kansas City, but have lived a lot of places - Utah, Germany, New York City, Montana - Colorado since 1996.

I am a 5th great-grandson of Thomas Jefferson and have been involved in racial reconciliation.

BA  in Philosophy from the University of Colorado - Boulder, specializing in existentialism (Sartre) with a dual minor in German and History.

Converted to Christianity while on vacation in Switzerland in February 1985.

I work in Information Technology.

A few years ago, my wife and I wrote a book, Gone in a Heartbeat, following a family tragedy.

I enjoy sitting in my recliner with a good book in my lap.

What is shared on this website are my views and do not necessarily represent the views of any other member of the family. Please respect not only my views, but more importantly the views of my wife and daughters.