"Music is the soundtrack of your life." - Dick Clark

Where I talk about why I have chosen the music clips on the Home page.




Comments: When things in life do go according to plan, I find it is always good to ask, "What is going on?" I was privileged to hear Dionne Warwick live in Williamsburg in February 2016 during the bell ringing at First Baptist Church and the gala that evening.

Comments: - This video was used in a sermon by Paul Walker rector,at Christ Episcopal the Sunday after white supremists invaded Charlottesville. I had been at a Sunday service the previous April and felt very much at home. (I go to Charlottesville often as I am a 5th great-grandson of Thomas Jefferson and am involved in racial reconciliation efforts with my black cousins.) It was also linked by Mockingbird, a ministry hosted at Christ Episcopal and headed by David Zahl.





Comments:- This was meaningful at a time when we were leaving a fellowship where we had spent almost 10 years. We had invested heavily and felt it was time to move on. A version of this was sung one Sunday evening at the Wilderness service at St. John's Episcopal cathedral in Denver. Also, Judy Collins mother lived just up the street from my folks.